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Are our thoughts and actions hypocritical?

May 05, 2014 by Shamou - 0 Comments

Are our thoughts and actions hypocritical?

Greetings in the name of the Most High Yah Rastafari Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menin, the fullness of the Almighty in man and greetings in the name of Yeshua HaMoshiyah, the Word that carries life, eternal salvation and the example of how humanity should live. It pains me to write, what is preventing me from reviewing the scriptures that I write notes on. This is a serious matter and it takes all of us that read this message to share with others and think hard about our actions. These past weeks the African community was enraged by what a NBA owner has said in his secret place in regards to how he truly feels about Africans, the dark melanated people. Though it is very ugly and distasteful words, the dark melanated community began to show a great emotion to this, or at least the circle that I choose to be in. There was fire being fought with fire, universal labels being thrown at a group of the human race. The white group has been called the enemy once more, and though we do have enemies in this group we also have allies. In this unfair world we have a choice not to follow the worlds’ way of unfair treatment to innocent people, for we as Africans, dark melananted people have enemies within our own group. For before we target one group, the one that is closet to us in causing the most harm.

I find it very hypocritical that to see Africans speak so negative towards whites and how they are the enemy with so much ease but will fail to correct our own who commits atrocities against their own group.


The Almighty gave us a great example, within the time frame of this NBA controversy, 240 Nigerian girls are kidnapped by their own and forced into marriages and who else knows what these wicked people have on their mind for these children. My heart cries out for these girls, these daughters, these princesses, these innocent young women in school getting an education and who not faces a terror not by whites but by their own. It won’t surprise me that some will say, “ you know it’s the whites that supporting these people with guns and so on.” My answer to that is so what, these kidnappers made a decision to commit a crime against their own, they are not innocent. They are the offspring of wickedness, just like that NBA owner and all other people that brings hate, destruction, and war to innocent people.

Child soldier

Lets not forget about Joseph Kony, who for thirty years has been kidnapping children, turning girls into sex slaves and boys into dope heads forcing them to kill their parents. Our youth are in jeopardy here in the America and Africa we need unification. Its bigger than religion, Haile Selassie I have stated these words that has allowed me to look at life differently. “Religion is personal; the state is for all.” So for what I believe will always be between Jah and I and the fruits of it will allow I to look out for the people as a whole, Haile Selassie I also made it clear in the speech one and ones call Spiritual Kinsmen, which is officially called “Radhakrishnan recieves a Degree from H.S.I.U” is that no matter the faith, we express Spiritual Kinsmanship when we better humanity.

Man, my spirit groans in prayer for these children across the world and for all innocent people. Babylon will fall and that will be your liberation day, free from terrorists, manipulators, and wickedness overall. Everyone that has a part in it will fall with no survivors. Emperor Haile Selassie I, comes with a reward for all the redeemed who left that whore Babylon.


His message and example must be heeded, spiritually you are the ones in this Geneva assembly not heeding the words of HIM, not following the pact that was made in this league of Gentiles. For that cause, “ it will be us today but you tomorrow.” You will suffer a shameful defeat, while you are on the frontlines shooting against your white counterparts, you will be knifed in the back because your enemy is so close and you failed to expose him. In these days we can longer look at slavery and blame it for the outcome of our economic status. There is too much information and opportunities for us as whole to take advantage of and rebuild to become a force with stability. We can no longer look at our inmates and say that they are just a product of their environment when we have success stories of people who are doctors, lawyers, teachers, successful good people who came from the same streets. We must wake up, and stop blaming the white man for our predicament, white supremacy is not that powerful if we come together and save ourselves.

Haile Selassie I formed the OAU and through HIM inspiration our brother Malcolm formed the OAAU, today neither one of them are physically here, but who is going to pick up the staff and carry the flag? Who is willing to be selfless and do it for the people? I guarantee the more selfless people we have united the more stable we will become. When are we going to ban our own music which does not glorify us but stains us. As a teacher I testify that our youths are so engulfed in negative music that they recite it like scripture before they commit a crime, it warps their mind as they portray the music in their reality. Unless we step out and stop this, then we continue the work of the soldier and the missionary that exiled our wise elders from the village to then leave our youth under their brainwashing process to forget who they are and the wonderful tradition that we have. Snoop Lion made a hilarious video with ease that called the NBA owner all types of names that was rightfully deserved but has yet called out any rappers for their bigotry.


We as Africans must unite, if we are tired of being called out of our name and not being viewed as equal human beings then we must unite as a front that by our numbers we will be given the respect that is rightfully ours. We can’t necessarily punish freedom of speech but we can definitely make sure that our community thrives and builds an economic force that can’t be breached. Of course this will take great emphasis on education, entrepreneurship, and most important UNITY. In the black community we are lacking these three components, majority of parents are relying on teachers to raise their child, our neighborhoods are flooded with businesses not owned by us and we still have turf wars. Black Christians don’t mix with other black Christians, east side blacks don’t mix with west side blacks. We are doing it to ourselves, we are holding each other down.

Africa awaits its creator….racism maybe here to stay but in the meantime lets clean up home. May the Almighty enlighten and inspire your motives to be the best for your community and people. One love