Groundation: The Rastafari delegates that brought the Emperor

Haile Selassie I hosted them with an extended stay in Ethiopia to see what life is like in Ethiopia. The delegates asked if HE can visit Jamaica, and with excitement said yes.

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Meaning of Tafari

Greetings one and all in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. I pray that this reaches you in good spirits. In the world, there are groups of parents that are very spiritually driven, they name their children with names that is noble and has a great meaning, the bible declares in [...]

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Ras Shamou Oladiipo: Tribute to Nipsey Hussle

The name of your album is very fitting, for anyone to take a Victory Lap, means that through competition and being victorious over the odds stacked against you overcame, and won!!! By the tile alone, this album is the music and message you gave us while taking your last lap for all to see and hear. It's quite prophetic if you think about it.

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