Ras Shamou

Bio: I'm a Truth Seeker who has been called out to Jah Rastafari to follow InI Jah and Negus Haile Selassie I. It took a strong faith and desire for cleaniliness in Yeshua HaMoshiyah for years before Qedemawi Haile Selassie decided to appear unto I in a vision. Since this vision I trod Rastafari. Which is not much different than Christianity from what I have learned and experienced, it is the next step for one and ones who site Jesus Christ to now see HIM as the Lion of Judah, King of kings, and as the Elect of Yah, Igziabhier in this current time. Qedemawi Haile Selassie is Jesus Christ returned in "spirit and in truth". Also my name Oladiípò, is name that I was given in the Ifá, West African, Nigerian spiritual system. Obatala, the creator of the human race and the earth is my Ori. I am harmoniously proud to be the spiritual child of Obatala and Haile Selassie I.

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