Selassie I is for all

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For those Rastafarians who sight Jesus, he advised ones to read their bible.

For those who dont, HE shared that we will always revere those who fought for their spiritual freedoms.

Selassie I to the white man, the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes and if you would like to help Ethiopias cause, then you are more than welcome to join us.

Duke of Gloucester being met by HIM

In this picture it is the Duke of Gloucester being met at the railway station in Ethiopia circa 1930. This is a very important moment can help connect some dots, as I try to explain. The Duke came in place of his father George V, The Duke is also the Uncle of Queen Elizabeth II. When he came to the coronation of Haile Selassie I, he presented HIM with a 27 inch scepter that was taken from Ethiopia many years ago, with the following message.

“The Duke fell down on bending knees before HIM and spoke in a loud voice and said, “Master, Master, my father has sent me to represent him sir. He is unable to come and he said that he will serve you to the end Master.”

The mention of him calling HIM master could be some masonic reverence that I am not aware of, or some other spiritual acknowledgement, nevertheless HE is being called MASTER and has a British servant who is also the British King. When I read these words then I began understand why HIM went to the UK during his period of exile. The oath that was declared was the only safe keeping that HIM could rely upon whenever HE needed assistance. This was truly something that Marcus Garvey could not understand as he ridiculed HIM from leaving Ethiopia and taking cover in a white man’s land. The power and reverence that surrounds Haile Selassie is far greater than the man can understand. All praises be to Jah Rastafari.

I was reminded by a pillar in my community that, “All knees shall bow and confess.” Meaning that no matter who you are, everyman can confess and testify on the goodness of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Jah/Yah Rastafari love, buruk fikir


Hutton, C. A., Barnett, M. A., Dunkley, D., & Niahh, J. A. (n.d.). Leonard Percival Howell & The Genesis of Rastafari.

Turned off by Organized Religion

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It really dawned on me recently, that I am really turned off by organized religion. I have tried participating a few times and each time, I see the same type of people. What I mean is that I come across people who believe that what they practice and where they worship is best practice. These folks are extremely confident and will ridicule another religion to make their own seem better. I can’t stand cheap shots, I find this to be very insecure statements at a time when most of the people that these type of comments have no experience or knowledge what goes on in other people religions. A lot these don’t take time to study wha others do but listen to what others say to formulate an opinion and dress it up as facts.

Because I am able to observe these things, I find these people to be deceivers nor can be trusted to certain extent. For they will use their mental power to promote their religion and church in such a crafty way to make it seem that you don’t know what you are talking about. Their choice ammo is usually guilt and try to convict you in feeling that you need them. It is such a sad display of desperation and manipulation. These folks don’t even realize what they are doing because this strategy has been part of humanity’s culture for so many years. The crusade to convert people into a belief whether through the bible of the iron sword has taken a spiritual body. Housed in the mindset of willing human being seeking for answers that they stop thinking for self and start having others think for them. I have been taught that I must not lean on my own understanding, not realizing how much that strips you of your own power, because to gain that understanding I was led to listen to a man give me his understanding by making me believe that it was from God.

So to prevent this from happening, I chose to strengthen my direct communication with the Most High. I began to read and study the word with a fervent hunger this also included prayer and fasting. What I realized is that most of the time the answer was right in front of my face. I can’t explain this but I believe that every human being has what they need right in front of them to be great. Very similar to how natures provides clothes, food and shelter, the universe provides us with spiritual enlightenment whenever we seek and are hungry for it, therefore; proving that you don’t need to seek a church for the answers although their will be some answers directly there for you. To further explain, there are things that someone can say that can trigger a thought or provide some understanding unbeknownst to the speaker. This is how we know that all we need is right here at our finger tips. Organized religion doesn’t support this way or utilizing the universe, because it will cause its members to not solely rely on the leadership. Back in the day, Colonial religion was enforced to have a community or state to be loyal to the communities leaders with the idea that you are serving God. Well now times have changed, the barbaric treatment has reduced, allowing others to be able to act on their free thought, their natural given expression and gift.

I feel it is completely a tragedy to have families broken up because of a belief, a belief that will reserve their spot at a particular space, when there is no evidence that it exists. Now there is evidence that a higher power exists but not the same for heaven or hell. These man made concepts has brainwashed folks to the point that they destroy the real relationships that they are connected to here on earth.

Now I can’t speak for all religions but I can attest to the ones that I have become familiar with and that is Christianity, Rastafari and currently my venture into Ifa. No matter the name of the religion you will find the same person in it. This person is exercising a high form of bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and utilizing the word of stereotype to elevate themself. It is all a hot air balloon that will soon be popped and brought down low to the ground to be humbled. I don’t think that I am better than anyone but I am glad that the Most High has given me the ability to see things in a variety of ways, to formulate the most efficient way for me to becoming better person and friend. I also give thanks for the spiritual nourishment that I received while in church, I spent many hours learning about Jesus Christ and always admired this man who we came to church to worship but He himself never worshiped in the church. He didn’t need the church to connect to his father or his people and I love him for this. He set such a great example that I feel many of his followers fail to realize and care for.

Isn’t part of the Christian faith is believing that Jesus died….that means he knows nothing as well.

And you believe he is resurrected, then you are in the same place that we are, believing that these dead folks are guiding us in the spirit

What is saggin spelled backwards?

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Sagging Evolution2

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First and His complement Empress Menen Asfaw, I greet you also in the name of the known and unknown ancestors that has transitioned on in the ancestral realm. I also greet you in the spirit of good health and love.
It is a honor to have you here, sharing your time with me


Blessed love, I have been teaching youths for over ten years in residential treatment centers and in schools, and the trend of sagging your pants has always been prevalent, ever since I was a youth growing up in the 90s. I too, used to sag my pants and heavily influenced by the music that attaches itself to that culture. I no longer sag now and has grown from that phase in my life. The good news about all of this, is that it is truly a phase. 

Now that I’m a mature adult male, I hate being forced to look at males and females sag their pants. Seriously, I do not want to look at your underwear, and you are forcing the general public to look. For as living beings we cannot minimize our line of sight. In fact we pick up any and everything that is within it and choose to ignore the things that we disapprove of but it doesn’t mean that we can turn off our eyes. As an educator, I share the history of this fad, for it was also shared with me. That this fad came from the prison system, as a sign of the young men who were homosexual or was marked as a being a person who engaged in anal sex. Very few students hear this and are disturbed by this, while the majority responds that they are not gay and will fight whomever is trying to touch them inappropriately. Most of us adults laugh at their response because they truly do not know but is the joke really on us?

When I used to sag my pants, it wasn’t because I was gay, in fact, I didn’t see anything gay about wearing your clothes in such manner. Here are a few reasons why I did it:

  1. My pants were young, high waters and sagging them allowed my pants cuff to reach my ankles or top of my shoes.
  2. My pants were fitted, so sagging them made them look baggy
  3. Sagging the pants made you walk with a certain “bop” and this same “bop” was glorified in the music videos I used to watch.
  4. Sagging the pants, was adopted by Gangster Hip Hop along with gold teeth, money, braids, slang, cursing and beautiful women. Looking at these images made me internally want to be like them, I wanted to be cool, have gorgeous women on me, and be popular.
  5. Being yourself or wearing your clothes proper at times was boring, and truly I just wanted to fit in and be cool.

So participating in this style of dress has always been around, even when I used to play football, things like not wearing your cup, getting a particular face mask, wearing a specific type of socks made you look cool dangerous, and or intimidating. All of these things were interventions that youths like me were exercising to build their self-esteem. It is very similar to when someone gets a haircut, new shoes or new clothes, these materialistic things gave you a false sense of esteem. It gave you a false status that prevented you from possibly being picked on and places you in the driver seat to become a bully toward the “have-nots”.

American culture is very interesting, these fads play too much of a role in our communities. In the 90s growing up, we will sag our pants that were first of all baggy and wear a shirt that passed our waist line. Now today, folks will wear fitted or skinny jeans, sag them and where a shirt that barely touches their belly button. This style seems even more homosexual but based on the need to be part of something, most of these youths participate just to be part of something.  The need for being in the in-crowd seems more important than actually being morally right. But hey! this is the society that we live in.

We live in a society where a man can only be convicted of rape if he is a black man, while millions of white men continue to molest and abuse people for their pleasure without consequence. The matrix is strongly supported by people who rather be the follower than a leader. I urge that we continue to take back our family and culture, build up our children’s self-esteem. Praise them for the things that they do right more than the things that they do wrong. Develop our own community, media, and economics. Big time goals, realistically, is big time dreams but seeking this way of life will give a better meaning of “Being in this world but not of it”.

To my people who love to sag, and show off your underwear, you are on whole other vibration that is not normal but very low. Especially my men, if you feel comfortable showing your back side to a room full of guys, and when guys complain you refuse to pull your pants up, seems to only mean that you are interested in men and is advertising for someone. At times I would like the matrix to pass a law that targets sagger!


We got to stop acting like niggas, embarrassing ourselves and loving its attention. When it comes to Hip Hop and Trap music, it is our skin that is exposed and portrayed as the originators but I dare say that this is not our culture. It is the response to what has been given to us, hand me downs that were big as hell and modified it to make it look stylish. “Weez free now patna, so buy some clothes that fit”

Jah RAstafari love and guidance! Shalom/Selam/Alafia


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Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First and His complement Empress Menen Asfaw, I greet you also in the name of the known and unknown ancestors that has transitioned on in the ancestral realm. I also greet you in the spirit of good health and love.
It is a honor to have you here, sharing your time with me
I will like encourage you to continue to walk your path, and keep in mind that there will be snares and distractions along the way. These distractions tend to play on your emotions and vulnerabilities. The crowd or group of people that you associate with may also not be in support of your transition to “knowledge of self”. I am reminded of the picture of His Majesty wrapped in his cloak praying, the photographer invades his space but still His Majesty finds space to enter into his secret place and commune with the Most High.

HIM praying

To me, this is a sign of HIM exercising his freedom, independent of counsel from man and dependent on the inner wisdom of HIM.
I chose this picture above, because it shows the spiritual and earthly meaning of what it takes to be free. Here in the picture His Majesty is walking around with a rifle over his shoulder. History tells that Ethiopia was under attack and the enemy was trying to commit genocide against the Ethiopian people. The League of Nations refused to play a role in aiding Ethiopia and prevented them from attaining arms to help his nation fight off an invader, Italy who went against the treaty of peace with the members within the League of Nations. Some people tend to have a problem with those exercising their freedoms and independence. Envious people are cancers to any society, so for one to maintain their independence requires a strong defense.

In the spiritual sense of freedom, His Majesty’s rifle can also be symbolic of his weapon, Jah word. For his word is like a sword slicing and slaying any form of spiritual wickedness that come against the nature of positivity. Many know that Haile Selassie was a very devout follower of the Most High through the medium of Christianity and the ability to maintain this freedom comes with the need to protect it.

Picture screen shotted from Uprising Roots Band

His Majesty wrote that the ancestors who fought against spiritual domination will be revered whenever Afrikans meet. The need for protecting your culture and spirituality is very important and for those who seek to return to their roots must maintain the freedom through security.

Peace and love family, the Power is within you to be great, collectively we can be greater. Link my following pages for more Roots and Culture.

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A Foreign Hand

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Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First and His complement Empress Menen Asfaw, I greet you also in the name of the known and unknown ancestors that has transitioned on in the ancestral realm. I also greet you in the spirit of good health and love.

It is a honor to have you here, sharing your time with me.

I am writing you to share an iditiation about the foreign hand. This quote comes from His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, and has inspired life lessons, I have learned that relates to these words. The word sounds of Haile Selassie is a guide in your life if you allow it.

Nothing in life is for free, everything comes with a cost. It is unwise or foolish to think that someone is doing something for you without them receiving a benefit in return. It doesn’t matter who it is from, the spirit of exchange has its own laws and culture. Within its law, a party (person, people, organization) can be in favor for you or against you. Even the spiritual realm operates in this nature, the bible relays that only those who accept Christ will be written in the Lambs book of life. We as a people must always expect to pay someone for their services and stop expecting things for free.

Now the things that people expect in return is where the issue can lie. For providers have their own beneficial aspirations as well. Sometimes it is not in the form of money. Sometimes it is the form of control, self-assurance, ownership of your own property and etc. For example when I read these words I quickly remembered what His Majesty, his family and nation went through to maintain independence. The words “no man is an island” comes to my mind, for His Majesty to enter back into authority of his country required the assistance of other nations. One in particular was Great Britain. Stalin gave aid to His Majesty by providing him a home to stay during the exile and an army to use to remove and kill the Italian resistance. The bargain came with His Majesty giving Britain power over currency for imported and exported goods. Britain was also granted power to control a railroad station near the Ogaden region plus other benefits that you can research. The name of the treaty was Anglo-Ethiopian Treaty of 1944, for although Ethiopia remains independent, they are dependent upon other nations for their own collective security, while these other nations are working to better themselves. It’s kind of sad if you think about it, for as big as Afrika is, there should be a firmer collective in protecting the Afrikan nations in the continent, which I believe and hope will one day come.

It is highly advisable that we as people work to build our legacy and sustainability. Through observation, we are behind the ball, we speak a lot about Babylon while using their resources. Metaphorically begging or complaining to receive our 40 acres and a mule will not get us what we want, in the spirit of Booker T Washington we have to work collectively to build our own infrastructure. These words have been said before and many of us have took heed to its calling and are doing their part to reduce the need to have a foreign hand to provide aid. I salute you brothers and sisters that are blazing the trail. Ase o!

Stay blessed in your travels and journey, we all need each other, but lets not find ourselves in a situation where the only help we can receive, is the help that cost us a piece of our freedom and wealth.

Jah RAstafari love and peace

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My Rites of Passage

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Ready for the next step

For almost a year I have been part of a Rites of Passage program here in Baltimore City called Egbe Akonkorin and my line is Segun whose purpose it to reconnect to your ancestors and help strenghten communiyt. For me it started in June 2017 and it was an experience. From reciting the pledge, practicing how to facilitate libations, and understanding the value of community through our Afrikan traditions. This experience, is a spiritual journey as well as a great way to connect with other great men in the community that is about restoring and building up their community. This journey was to connect with our ancestors through culture. The ancestors are beings in my family name who has passed on. Personally, I dont know their name but has always thought about them. Also as a child, I always recognized the connection I have to Afrika. These identities have traveled with everywhere I go, making Rastafari such a place to thrive and grow into my roots and culture. So in this Egbe, The spiritual system that is utilized is Ifá, which I will share later that the West Afrikan systems has always been part of Rastafari.

Ifá is a West Afrikan spiritual system that was practiced before the spread of Christianity and Islam in the colonial period. It was carried over with the ancestors during the Great Maafa which we know as the Transatlantic Slave Trade, it landed in the Carribean, and the Americas and given different names. The West Afrikan spiritual systems may not all be the same but are similar. Through these spiritual systems the ancestors fought against their enslavement, they held onto their faith and culture. Others submitted to the enslaver’s religion and god, revolutionaries ended up passing away and was not duplicated as fast as children being born.

The European Religion, Christianity made sure to give all new born children a Christian name, and belief with the intention to not follow their ancestors. Laws were created demonizing the practice, which some people call as Obeah, not realizing that our great heroes used it to fight off white supremacy. Heroes like Nanny of the Maroons, Toussaint L’ouverture, Harriet Tubman and others. I went to the Harriet Tubman museum and saw this description about her spirituality.


This book speaks of the Laws in Jamaica that were passed outlawing the home religion.


Interestingly in the Introduction, Ras McPherson writes how Leonard Howell preached Rastafari with Kumina roots and theology, and how it was evident in his drumming and chanting. Kumina is another West African Spiritual System that also incorporates the Orishas. I love how this book broke down Rastafari in the first pages, Rastafari is an ancient Ethiopian-Egyptian-Hebraic-West African religio cultural descent. Leonard Howell incorporated the West Afrikan roots, Joseph Hibbert taught the Ethiopian Coptic/Khemetic Freemasonry and Archibald Dunkley taught that Haile Selassie I is Christ returned but not the Almighty creator.

Support that brothers work

Moving on:

I am a product of this racist strategy, to have a body of people to forget who they are and be under the control of a foreigner. My grandfather migrated from Jamaica to New York under the benefits of being a member of the Catholic church. From his integrity and character, being part of the ministerial staff, a family man and active Christian, he was able to migrate to the states. I give thanks because of his role and the religion I am able to write to you now. So my journey is not to run a crusade in opposing Christianity, for my journey is to find the Almighty where ever I walk and educate ones on what I find. But most of all to be free.

I saw a post the other day:

“I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.”
Translation: I don’t want to be accountable to anyone or anything. And the only moral truth I believe in is whatever I subjectively decide is moral and true.

I read that and laugh, some folks are really oblivious to the variation of people in this world, there are Shamans in this world that is way more connected to the Most High than your everyday Sunday church goer.

But once again I am the product of this age old order, which at one time was a the New World Order, Christianity has been embedded in so many minds forcibly that any remembrance of what you come from, to who you are has been viewed as temptations from the devil. Causing you to become fearful of losing your spot in Heaven and having the loving God hate you.

We must acknowledge that we have been fed the misinterpretation of scripture, we have been given life teachings that ignore our many senses.

7 years ago, 2011 Haile Selassie I came to I in a vision and awakened what was already in me, the holy spirit and since then I been on the quest to be the sun of his but first I was told that I was ushering a satanic spirit. I wrestled and tussled with the idea in my head, until I read and studied his speeches. Once I read enough information of who HE is, I began to link a few groups and people that claim HIM as their Lord and Savior and churches that uphold his name. Many thought that I was looking for some guidance and my response has always been that I was guided here by HIM. I guess you can take that phrase in a multiple of ways but what I was trying to give to the persons asking the question is that Haile Selassie I has molded me and guided to the point to come meet you.

This mission is very similar to what this essay is about, but before going any further, there is this information about HIM that supported my mission. It was that Selassie’s two favorite subjects is History and Comparative Religion.

This gem gave me the fuel to seek the truth. For example, would I find Jah in Hinduism, Buddhaism, Tao, or even in the different sects of Rastafari.

Then, I came across this book by the late Ras McPherson. It spoke of the religion that the ancestors practiced and utilize before the colonization of the European, and how the adherents of its faith fought hard and gave the slave master trouble in settling comfortably with a clear conscience of their crimes. The European marked the ancient faith as devil worship and wrote many laws condemning any people from practicing it; therefore, giving it’s current generation strick punishment for their use and an education/religious system that will only use Jesus as their new God. A God who looked nothing like the ancestors but whose name was used to justify slavery. As time went on Voodoo became “black majic” and its propaganda spread far and wide discouraging majority of the original people from being properly educated on it.

Then I read another speech by Haile Selassie I called “To Chart a Course” and HE spoke to the Nation of Afrika.

Those men who refused to accept the judgment passed upon them by the colonizers, who held unswervingly through the darkest hours to a vision of an Africa emancipated from political, economic, and spiritual domination will be remembered and revered wherever Africans meet. Many of them never set foot on this continent. Others were born, and died here. What we may utter today can add little to the heroic struggle of those who, by their example, have shown us how precious are freedom and human dignity and of how little value is life without them. Their deeds are written in history.

Now that I look back, it’s kind of sad that I needed Haile Selassie I to approve of my journey versus just going by my vibe but that is what happens when you are forced into a world view that doesn’t match with your being. You begin to seek for a higher power to exonerate you, so that you can be free and no longer a slave, at least that is how I see it, but you cannot change the past and I give thanks for each guide assigned to I to make sure that I walk into my destiny. One thing is for sure Haile Selassie I is truly divine and has turned my life around.

I have some resources at the end of this page that further explains Obatala but I would like to attempt to share with you what I have learned thus far. Obatala is the second son of the creator Oludumadre and was sent to create the earth and all of its inhabitants from the body of water. The myth says that while he creating human beings, he brewed his own palm wine from the palm seed he planted before making humans, got drunk and created human beings with flaws. As a consequence for his actions he swore a vow of sobriety, in fact, when ones offer to Obatala you should never offer alcohol for it would be offensive. When Obatala made this vow, he began to wear the white cloth to represent purity, to be an Orisha of good character and integrity. Obatala created all the Orishas because his gift is his creativity, yet the Orishas still have their own identity. The Awo (mysteries/esoteric meanings) of Obatala’s white cloth is the representation of the universe coming together. The weaving of the cloth represents creation being formed first from thought, or the light shown on the cloth bringing potential form into existence (Fatunmbi, pg. 6)
What I find even more interesting about Obatala is his symbolism when compared to other religious systems, his role and responsibility is very much in line or similar to Jesus Christ, for Obatala is the creator of earth and all of its inhabitants. Also Obatala is an androgynous being meaning that Obatala can be male or female, so this Orisha can also be viewed as Lady Mary of Zion, Yeshua’s mother. Reading this information brought joy to me because my own spiritual journey has kept me in line with the Messiah. Briefly, I will share with you that when I was in my early twenties, I walked into my grandmothers church and one of her sisters, who has transitioned, prayed for me. Her prayer was powerful, for when I closed my eyes and listened to her words, I felt the room shake, it sounded like marching and thunder, it was very loud in my ears. It made my knees buckle and when I was about to fall, I opened my eyes and saw everything was back to normal. The noise stopped but when I closed my eyes, the thunder and the weakness in my knees continued. It was very bizarre but not abnormal for me, I always felt a very strong connection with the Most High. After this experience in the church, I became a student of Christianity, studying the bible and joining a church with my soon to be wife, got married in the church and had children. Everything that we did was based off of that experience, I hold the spirit of Yeshua to be true, self-evident but a calling and I’m not ashamed of it. As time moved on, around 7 years later I received another vision on March 22, 2011. Haile Selassie I came to my dream, HE bent over grabbed my neck and instantly I began speaking in tongues. The Holy Spirit radiated throughout my whole body and lifted me up off of the floor as I laid their on my back, an experience I shall never forget, that I became open to seeing Rastafari as the evolution of Christianity. I boldly declare that we are in the time of Revelations. I am a Rasta man to the bone, Haile Selassie is my guide. As I wrote above about the Speech HE gave to Chart a Course, HE speaks of the Spiritual Domination that the ancestors has experienced and how these ancestors will be <strong>remembered and revered</strong> whenever Afrikans meet. These profound words from the Christian Emperor really opened me up to the Spirituality of the Ancestors. That 7 years from my vision of HIM, I would be initiated into Ifa and Obatala the Chief of the White cloth as my Ori/Head. I am an unofficial Priest to the world but ordained Priest by the Most High, my compassion and creativity for people is from up above and I am honored that I am being used for this work. In Rastafari, we always say <strong>Know thyself! </strong>I am overjoyed that I have gone deeper knowing who I am, and my purpose. I pray that I can help you find yours.


Receiving my marks

One of the hardest things that I ever done in my life, this test represented the will and fight for freedom, my ancestors fought their way during slavery, pulling themselves over obstacles only meant for the determined. This is a test the Egbe took in South Carolina, we had to move through the Bog, attain a reed and bring it back to shore. The mud was the perfect home for Oysters, these organisms were stacked all through the out the mud and were razor sharp. Trying to make it shore, I was cut a few times but the adrenaline and determination to survive and make it ashore was my only focus. I truly felt the ancestors with me, A Dupe!

Lastly I was given a name, for being Omo Obatala (Child of Obatala) my name is Oladiípò which means Honor becomes many.

Here are a few things that speak of the characteristic of Obatala:

When I read this, I saw a lot of things in common with myself.


Number: 8

Areas of Influence: Knowledge, leadership, fatherhood, justice and the legal system, geology, people with special needs, the military

Entities associated with: Our Lady of Mercy

Symbols: Mountains, snail shells, short whip made with white horsehair and cowrie shells, quartz crystals, white rocks, frogs, white animals

Offerings: White bland food (either the meat or the milk of a coconut, potatoes, eggs, rice, mushrooms, milk, water, etc), crushed up egg shells, cotton, snail shells, frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood incense, tobacco

Feast Day: September 24th

Astrology: Libra

Tarot: Justice, the Emperor

Chakra: Crown Chakra

obatala’s children

The children of Obatala are intellectual, methodical organizers. They like to think their decisions through. They have strong ideas of what is right and wrong. They hold themselves to high standards. They can also be neurotic clean freaks. Many times, children of Obatala are impetuous and hot-headed when younger and then grow up to be cool, calm adults. They can suffer from frequent headaches or sinus problems and do not hold their liquor well. Many times they will be drawn to legal, military or careers involving geology and/or engineering. They like to get outdoors. Normally, their relationships (romantic and otherwise) will be very long-term. They are slow to anger but watch out when they do, it’s going to get ugly!

Peace and love, Jah Rastafari blessings

For today is April 3rd but the 2nd was the anniversary of Haile Selassie being named Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930.


Fatunmbi, F. (1993). Obatala: Ifa and the Spirit of the Chief of the White Cloth. New York: Original Publications.


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Summary of Exodus:

Chapter 1:

It starts of with all of Jacobs children living in Egypt, thriving and flourishing. The 12 brothers all passed and the offspring kept multiplying. Then there was a Pharoah who did not know Joseph and hated that he saw the Israelite community getting bigger, so he placed hardship/abuse/slavery on them to prevent then from reproducing so quickly or at all.

Chapter 2:

A Levi married a Levite woman and conceived a child, she was raised him until he was 3 months old and then sent him down river, because of the law that the Pharoah placed on Hebrew children. Pharoah’ s daughter was washing at the river and found the baby boy, and noticed it was a Hebrew child and decided to name him Moses. Moses grew and began to know that his people were the Hebrews, that he saw an Egyptian assaulting a Hebrew man and to defend him, Moses killed the Egyptian and buried him in the sand. As Moses walked in the community, the other Hebrews started becoming me an saying that, “what are you gon kill me too” that Moses ran off because now the community knew what he did. He ran away and found a man, a Priest, Midian with some land and daughters, Moses ended up marrying his daughter Zipporah and they had a son name Gershom.

Chapter 3:

Moses was watching his father in law, Jethro flock and walked behind the Mountain of God, Horeb and while there he saw a bush burning but it was being destroyed but maintaining a fire while still in its original form. And while he looked, and Angel of God appeared unto him and the angel was God and Moses was scared to look upon. Nevertheless, he did and while God told him that he has heard the cries of the children of Israel for the torture that they has been experiencing at the hands if the current Pharaoah. And that Moses was chosen to save them from such tribulation.

Moses didn’t know how to even articulate this phenomenon to the Hebrews, so God told him that He is the I AM. And that he will do wonders in Egypt that will cause the Pharaoah to let the people go.

Chapter 4:

Moses was preparing to talk to the Pharaoah but had doubts based on the iniquity of himself. Moses stuttered and was not a good public speaker, so God told him to get his brother Aaron, and let Aaron be his mouth piece and Moses will be God, giving the words to say to Aaron. Moses married Zipporah, Jethrk daughter and left the city of Midian to go to Egypt. While there Moses took a staff and turned the staff into a snake, but the Pharaoahs magicians did the same thing to.

Chapter 5:

Moses asked Pharaoah to release the children of Israel, to go three days and make a sacrifice to a God that he doesn’t know, instead Pharaoh told them that he isn’t providing straw to make brick and now the COI has to find their own straw and keep up with their daily tasks. And they were beaten if they did not comply or fulfill their task. Moses went back to God, like, “what’s the deal”. Everytime I go to Pharoah he gets worse, not realizing that God hardened Pharaoah heart on purpose to prove something.

*according to the story the COI, were not in bondage until this particular Pharaoah came and it took a while before God acknowledged their cries, I guess he had to wait for Moses to get to a certain age before the salvation can ushered in.

Chapter 6:

The first time that the name for Jehovah was mentioned

Chapter 7:

The Lord gave continued to give instructions Moses and Aaron to talk to Pharaoah but at the same time God hardened Pharaoahs heart, thus chapter explained the reason for such confusion, it wasn’t really about freeing the children of Israel but showing Pharoah and the Egyptians the power of God. Like turning the rivers to blood, causing Aaron’s rod to turn into a snake and devouring the Magicians serpents. It was an example to all people that the power of the Most High is something not to mess with. Unbeknownst to Moses, God had an ulterior motive to show off.

*I did find this line interesting,

Thou shalt speak all that I command thee: and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto Pharaoh, that he send the children of Israel out of his land.
Exodus 7:2 KJV

It read “out of his land” it is interesting because I would imagine it saying God’s land and not Pharaoahs.

Exodus 8-12

God gave Moses words to convince Pharaoah to free the children of Israel. Threats of famine, locusts, and death but little did Moses know that God according to the Bible hardened Pharaohs heart. Remember this started over Pharaoahs’ hate for the children of Israel but once he saw the power of God affect his livelihood and family, he was ready to give the children back, but God refused his change of heart and kept him in his hate. It was sickening to read that God would do something like this, playing both sides of the field, using us.

*Then one night, while watching “Underground” I felt the need to read my chapter a day, Exodus, for I thought that the time fit according to my personality that I can resonate in a higher realm. While reading the chapter, the scripture began to give gems and have supreme meaning.

And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night: He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.
Exodus 13:21‭-‬22 KJV

For I understand that the OT is Christ veiled and NT revealed, it spoke of the spirit of the covering to lead them in the way. Scientifically, I quickly noticed that a cloud is a state of water, for water has three states gas, liquid, solid. Clouds are gases of water and water is used to baptize, symbolizing the submission becoming cleansed to follow the Right path which Yah has lead for you. Then in the night when darkness surrounds, the fire for the Most High keeps you focused and protected, for it is the light that shines. And it is this fire that John speaks of that only Christ can give and what we need most. That yearning to follow the Most High and embrace the Spirit of Christ in all we do.

I think that is a beautiful message to give and I give thanks that the Most High has shown me that, it gives me encouragement.

Also I want to point out that according to the order of creation

And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
Genesis 1:5 KJV

The fire of the Most High during the nite is before the Cloud, protection of the Lord during the morning. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

This show “Underground” is pretty good, during the last episode, Noah and Harriet Tubman had a conversation, which involved Noah to lose his inner belief that he can succeed, even though he can’t see or touch it. Anyway Harriet explained to him that what gave you the inspiration to succeed in becoming free towards every obstacle, she was making a point that the inspiration you received, you can’t touch or see but yet it was there, and when it inspired you believed in what you saw. That inspiration was God.

How does this relate Exodus, a few ways but maybe no way at all, I felt the need to write down and share with you a reminder to give more reverence to God. For a lot that I do I work in my own skill set, knowing that I can do more, but to do more I need to increase in that fire to excel.

But what I did see in Exodus is this, God controls the dark and light, he creates the evil and good, he along do all these things. Isaiah 45, Pharaoh was just as much as controlled by God compared to Moses. Remember God hardened Pharaoahs heart, he used them both. If we take this internally, within our own body, temple, womb God is our anger as well as our joy. We have will to exercise both but only through his grace, or granting. We are pawns and I pray that you lead me not into temptation.

*I also want to identify that God didn’t speak against the spiritual system of the Egyptians. The magicians were still able to transform objects into living things, these are skills that has been practiced in their culture, for what God disapproves was the mistreatment of the children of Israel

A Rastafarian father connects Math through Music

Mar 04, 2018 by Shamou - 4 Comments

I, Shamou Pusey, Phallu Ras a 33 year old father, husband and special educator in Baltimore city Public Schools has blended my musical talent with education, by creating Super Mathematicals: Skip Counting

As an unorthodox style of teacher, I have learned that the best education to provide anyone is an education that your students can connect with, in a culture that supports their individuality. Many times we conform our youths to fit an already set Europrean style of education where expression is discouraged, limiting the beauty of creativity.

For the 9 years that I have been teaching, I have come across so many youths that have been diagnosed with special needs and end up barely graduating school with a High School Diploma or Certificate of Completion and still has not gained a solid foundation of life skills, like counting for a multiple of reasons.

The percentage of these individuals in special ed that perform poorly compared to other students with special needs can be from 10 – to up to 50%. An amount that can drastically affect their independence and possible freedoms. With programs out like DORS and Assistive Living to help establish some stability with these youths, the problems still remains that these individuals are lacking the necessary skills to monitor a bank account, count their correct change or use basic multiplication.

I have not given up on these youths and would hate for them to be taken advantage of because they are limited. So I created a learning tool to help change these deficits. Music is such a universal language that it is a medium to communicate, it surpasses IQ levels and provides learning through song, that I have created a multiplication compilation using modern day elements like trap music, Soca, reggae and hip hop.

Super Mathematicals is also a great avenue to promote early learning in this current generation of youths that are in early elementary education. Playing this music over and over again will have 4 year olds learning how to skip count before they reach 2nd or 3rd grade when multiplication is being taught. In theory, The evolution in the advancement of the child’s mind will soar to new levels.

Check out my Commercial

You can also find the link to purchase the album here Google Play Store and Itunes please share with your friends and family. And subscribe to my page as I begin to blog about my presence in this profession

May the Most High continue to lead and guide you.

Rastafari Unites the Races: I dare you to read this

Sep 01, 2016 by Shamou - 0 Comments

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First, It brings me great joy to serve HIM in all Spirit and Truth. I rather die for righteousness and truth than murder my brother. Hell fire to all phony and thieving people worldwide, that continue to steal the mediations without applying the proper credit to its creator. Same way we hail Jah for giving us the power and strength to be great, we bun out the one that think that it is them that make these things possible, or take credit for themself FYAH.

With all humility, give each man their due credit. Now back to the topic. Rastafari unites the races and the proof is in the face. As a Rastaman growing up in the words of HIM. I have observed and learned that there is still racism or its cousin bigotry lingering in the movement, despite what the Almighty has said there are matters that need to be addressed. In particular, the acceptance of the white man in Rastafari and I will be honest with you, being a black man, growing up in black dominated societies and listening to black infused music and messages, I myself look at the white Rastaman as an odd picture. Very similar to the Asian viewing the blackman in their society. Alarms flare up, caution, observation takes place. For the sake that what we have is like a diamond, and any threat from outside the village must be watched carefully. But as time moves on, and you assess the heart of the individual, and you see that this individual is a kinsmen.

Shem Ham Japheth

Now, I want to alert you, probably the most popular Rastaman in the movement was Bob Marley, some may say Peter Tosh or any other great musical priest but it is Bob that sold the most records, and received probably the most spins. I mean who doesn’t know the lyrics to his songs, almost everyone whether they are a Ras or not.. But have you actually seen him. Bob Marley is mixed, his father is a white man, and his mother a black woman. The acceptance of him and his message carries the weight of both races. His white DNA, enables all white people to relate to him and his cause, which is Haile Selassie’s cause. Just like the blackman, the true white man see the injustice and folly in society and will burn it down as well.


I remember watching Sa Neter on his topic, White Rasta Imposter and he was asking the White Bobo Priest questions that was geared to make the Priest look foolish, but the Priest stayed true. Wasn’t phased and answered his questions in humility, stating what we all know that the black is the origination of mankind. In my opinion Sa Neter’s mission was a bust and Haile Selassie the First Conquered once again. Remember HE is the conquering Lion, the “ing” means it never stop doing it but is continually doing.

Another example, is the Almighty himself, Haile Selassie the First, his skin complexion looks as if HE is also mixed with white DNA, or is Arab. HE doesn’t look full Bantu or Oromo. His hair isn’t kinky like mines, HE has loosescurls like a child of a mixed heritage but yet we ignore what we see. The evidence is in his face, look at HIM, the blood of all races are in HIM!!!!

Haile Selassie Profile

Then read his words, that Until the color of mans skin is no more significance than the color of his eyes, there will always be war. And it is true, we are at war now, a serious race war. A vain war, where the wicked man stay in high places, the heavens, running the world. These idiots should have no control nor say over InI, but because we war with each other the real battle is ignored.

I also like to address the white man, that white privilege is real. You must use your privilege to fight for people like myself, held back and oppressed because of the color of skin. This is your mission, this is how you can serve Jah as well, you will not succeed in telling the black man how to live and how to be black, history done messed up that possibility for you. I mean some people may receive you but not as much if you serve our people by speaking against racial injustice. You have the stage to be like a Moses, speak to the Pharaohs and set the people free, from the Prison Pipeline, Man made diseases and its testing on poor income areas where a lot of black and white people live, I mean the injustice goes on and on everywhere. Fight for the victims of the Flint Water Crisis or local crisis. If you have His Majesty’s light then shine like HIM. Put procrastination down and serve. I’m quite sure that your works will be much appreciated by the Blackman who has trouble taking you serious. I’m sorry but you are in a position that you must prove yourself and earn your keep to truly be accepted. White supremacy is a monster and anything that has a form of it, will be criticized. And with that being said respect to Tim Wise, he goes around the world speaking on this injustice before an audience of his peers.

“Death to all white and black oppressors, Life to all white and black freedom fighters”

You know as a Blackman, our heroes in the movement is ones like Marcus Garvey, who said look to the Black king. He was such a high advocate for the black man, though he has received help from whites as he reports in his speech, the Negros greatest enemy. And it is also reported that it was his own people that stabbed him in the back, so why blackman are we fighting so hard for the black people when history has already shown that there are snakes among us? I rather have a loyal white man with me than room full of black haters and gossips. We can’t blame slavery for the poor character that plagues some of our people. Black on Black crime remains an issue no matter how much the pigs shoot us down. Before Chemtrails was sprayed above, the uncle toms turned us in. Garvey has also shared that he doesn’t plan on taking all black people back to Africa because of the poor character that he has seen in some of them.

Haile Selassie the First has shared that there was Ethiopians that molested other Ethiopians during the national crisis, the invasion. In fact, it was other Ethiopians that turned their back on HIM, without the influence of the Italians. We can’t defend all black people, in my opinion some of these traitors should be burned at the stake. We need to identify the spirit and heart of each man and build with him, that is progress and a great way to hail the invisible Jah in his children. Peace and love, we can do this. I learned this past month, that a close person of mine decided to stay with the Black Rastaman, even though her father was a Klan member, they been together for 20 plus years. I was in awe when I heard this, you got to respect these things, and acknowledge that people like this exists. Jah children is all over.

What are you Doing with your Life?

Dec 31, 2015 by Shamou - 0 Comments

Greetings to each eye, mind, heart, and soul that will interact with these words, it is my duty to deliver thoughts that answer the questions that needs expounding, I pray that the Almighty, the good within you that will always conquer is ever more present during this time.
If you have ever pondered of what you are doing with your life, it is possible that you are awakening to a routine that is preventing progress. It could be progress towards some personal expectations that you may have for yourself, that some how the focus that was there has gotten distracted by something a little more shinier or attractive. We all go through these things, but give thanks to your Creator for the sight of identifying it. Welcome to the evolution of man, for some they are waking up out of the matrix and for others it could be the moment that those who love you have waited so long for this to happen to you; nevertherless, give a righteous praise. Grace for grace, Jah will never forsake.

Now time for some action, committ to a schedule that will .ease in the change. For a 21 day period you can mold this focus into a habitual process. This is the work we have been built to do, we are strong, we are the best, appointed person for the job. We will hate to see this window of opportunity to close on you. Be brave and grow, and whatever it is let your morals show. Evil will show face but follow the good is the best you can do. You are the best, you are blessed, you are beautiful.

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