Sentinelese Tribe

Jan 03, 2019 by Shamou - 0 Comments

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First. 

I also greet you in love and in peace, concern and awareness. This past week, news have been circulating around the world about the Indigenous tribe called the Sentinelese. The tribe is located on the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. This tribe is very isolated and is protected by the Indian Government since 1970. Although they are considered to be Andamanese, the government doesn’t include them in their census. In fact the Government doesn’t even come on the island, in 1991 the Indian govt, conducted its first census in 1991 by taking aerial pictures and counted  117 people, then in 2011, they counted 15 people living on the island. 

The Sentinelese have a history of defending their home from invaders since the 70s, it was recorded that the National Geographic took a trip there and the journalist were attacked. Also there was a law in placed in 2007 that no one should take pictures or any other media of the people on the island. It is also recorded that in 1880, British colonizers kidnapped six of the tribes people and two of them immediately died because of the contact of diseases they were not immune to. The Sentinelese are very special people and recently they were in the news for killing a Christian Missionary with a ray of arrows for coming on their island after being told not to. He was there to convert them to Christianity. For the missionary that was killed, the fault relies on him, for it is written by law that no is allowed to visit there.

The Black community that understands the affect of Jesus Christ on the African mindset are elated that finally a group of black people has aggressively refused religion and would rather practice their own indigenous ways. My concern is that the celebration that is in response to the death of the missionary will cause white supremacy to charge these people with murder and refuse the protective order that was placed on them. I personally find it quite immature to rejoice over murder and feel that if black people want to refuse Jesus Christ then they can just stopped venerating him and follow their heart to seeking their own salvation. 

I would love for the Sentinelese to thrive as a people and community but I am also a realist, the tribe is outmatched and out gunned. For I wouldn’t be surprise if Colonial minds are already running science experiments on them, like genetic engineering or something weird that will lead to the genocide of the Sentinelese, and a super race. For word has it that the Japanese have now come with their scientific research in creating babies for couples who have the aids virus, may these creations of the Most High remain protected.

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