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What is saggin spelled backwards?

Apr 27, 2018 by Shamou - 0 Comments
Sagging Evolution2

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First and His complement Empress Menen Asfaw, I greet you also in the name of the known and unknown ancestors that has transitioned on in the ancestral realm. I also greet you in the spirit of good health and love.
It is a honor to have you here, sharing your time with me


Blessed love, I have been teaching youths for over ten years in residential treatment centers and in schools, and the trend of sagging your pants has always been prevalent, ever since I was a youth growing up in the 90s. I too, used to sag my pants and heavily influenced by the music that attaches itself to that culture. I no longer sag now and has grown from that phase in my life. The good news about all of this, is that it is truly a phase. 

Now that I’m a mature adult male, I hate being forced to look at males and females sag their pants. Seriously, I do not want to look at your underwear, and you are forcing the general public to look. For as living beings we cannot minimize our line of sight. In fact we pick up any and everything that is within it and choose to ignore the things that we disapprove of but it doesn’t mean that we can turn off our eyes. As an educator, I share the history of this fad, for it was also shared with me. That this fad came from the prison system, as a sign of the young men who were homosexual or was marked as a being a person who engaged in anal sex. Very few students hear this and are disturbed by this, while the majority responds that they are not gay and will fight whomever is trying to touch them inappropriately. Most of us adults laugh at their response because they truly do not know but is the joke really on us?

When I used to sag my pants, it wasn’t because I was gay, in fact, I didn’t see anything gay about wearing your clothes in such manner. Here are a few reasons why I did it:

  1. My pants were young, high waters and sagging them allowed my pants cuff to reach my ankles or top of my shoes.
  2. My pants were fitted, so sagging them made them look baggy
  3. Sagging the pants made you walk with a certain “bop” and this same “bop” was glorified in the music videos I used to watch.
  4. Sagging the pants, was adopted by Gangster Hip Hop along with gold teeth, money, braids, slang, cursing and beautiful women. Looking at these images made me internally want to be like them, I wanted to be cool, have gorgeous women on me, and be popular.
  5. Being yourself or wearing your clothes proper at times was boring, and truly I just wanted to fit in and be cool.

So participating in this style of dress has always been around, even when I used to play football, things like not wearing your cup, getting a particular face mask, wearing a specific type of socks made you look cool dangerous, and or intimidating. All of these things were interventions that youths like me were exercising to build their self-esteem. It is very similar to when someone gets a haircut, new shoes or new clothes, these materialistic things gave you a false sense of esteem. It gave you a false status that prevented you from possibly being picked on and places you in the driver seat to become a bully toward the “have-nots”.

American culture is very interesting, these fads play too much of a role in our communities. In the 90s growing up, we will sag our pants that were first of all baggy and wear a shirt that passed our waist line. Now today, folks will wear fitted or skinny jeans, sag them and where a shirt that barely touches their belly button. This style seems even more homosexual but based on the need to be part of something, most of these youths participate just to be part of something.  The need for being in the in-crowd seems more important than actually being morally right. But hey! this is the society that we live in.

We live in a society where a man can only be convicted of rape if he is a black man, while millions of white men continue to molest and abuse people for their pleasure without consequence. The matrix is strongly supported by people who rather be the follower than a leader. I urge that we continue to take back our family and culture, build up our children’s self-esteem. Praise them for the things that they do right more than the things that they do wrong. Develop our own community, media, and economics. Big time goals, realistically, is big time dreams but seeking this way of life will give a better meaning of “Being in this world but not of it”.

To my people who love to sag, and show off your underwear, you are on whole other vibration that is not normal but very low. Especially my men, if you feel comfortable showing your back side to a room full of guys, and when guys complain you refuse to pull your pants up, seems to only mean that you are interested in men and is advertising for someone. At times I would like the matrix to pass a law that targets sagger!


We got to stop acting like niggas, embarrassing ourselves and loving its attention. When it comes to Hip Hop and Trap music, it is our skin that is exposed and portrayed as the originators but I dare say that this is not our culture. It is the response to what has been given to us, hand me downs that were big as hell and modified it to make it look stylish. “Weez free now patna, so buy some clothes that fit”

Jah RAstafari love and guidance! Shalom/Selam/Alafia

A Rastafarian father connects Math through Music

Mar 04, 2018 by Shamou - 4 Comments

I, Shamou Pusey, Phallu Ras a 33 year old father, husband and special educator in Baltimore city Public Schools has blended my musical talent with education, by creating Super Mathematicals: Skip Counting

As an unorthodox style of teacher, I have learned that the best education to provide anyone is an education that your students can connect with, in a culture that supports their individuality. Many times we conform our youths to fit an already set Europrean style of education where expression is discouraged, limiting the beauty of creativity.

For the 9 years that I have been teaching, I have come across so many youths that have been diagnosed with special needs and end up barely graduating school with a High School Diploma or Certificate of Completion and still has not gained a solid foundation of life skills, like counting for a multiple of reasons.

The percentage of these individuals in special ed that perform poorly compared to other students with special needs can be from 10 – to up to 50%. An amount that can drastically affect their independence and possible freedoms. With programs out like DORS and Assistive Living to help establish some stability with these youths, the problems still remains that these individuals are lacking the necessary skills to monitor a bank account, count their correct change or use basic multiplication.

I have not given up on these youths and would hate for them to be taken advantage of because they are limited. So I created a learning tool to help change these deficits. Music is such a universal language that it is a medium to communicate, it surpasses IQ levels and provides learning through song, that I have created a multiplication compilation using modern day elements like trap music, Soca, reggae and hip hop.

Super Mathematicals is also a great avenue to promote early learning in this current generation of youths that are in early elementary education. Playing this music over and over again will have 4 year olds learning how to skip count before they reach 2nd or 3rd grade when multiplication is being taught. In theory, The evolution in the advancement of the child’s mind will soar to new levels.

Check out my Commercial

You can also find the link to purchase the album here Google Play Store and Itunes please share with your friends and family. And subscribe to my page as I begin to blog about my presence in this profession

May the Most High continue to lead and guide you.