My fatherly experience leading up to our home birth

The Almighty has blessed my family with a new child, and my wife and I decided to not use the hospital services and do a natural water birth. My experience was amazing and would like to share with you. TABOT Ministries Divine Heritage Diary: Birthing Hands: Claudia Booker Linkedin: FB: [...]

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My Rites of Passage

Ready for the next step For almost a year I have been part of a Rites of Passage program here in Baltimore City called Egbe Akonkorin and my line is Segun whose purpose it to reconnect to your ancestors and help strenghten communiyt. For me it started in June 2017 and it was an experience. [...]

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African Spirtuality: My experience in Oyotunji

I notice now that even Nyabinghi who hails Haile Selassie I as the Almighty, some as Christ returned, goes through a trance of intense drumming through the 1,2 order to bun out the wickedness, some say "well RAstafari is an Christian offshoot" but it maintains its African Spirituality, and the more you dig deeper into the roots of Christianity, you will see that it was Africans that first told the story and all that is evident now has come after.

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