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Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First and His complement Empress Menen Asfaw, I greet you also in the name of the known and unknown ancestors that has transitioned on in the ancestral realm. I also greet you in the spirit of good health and love.
It is a honor to have you here, sharing your time with me
I will like encourage you to continue to walk your path, and keep in mind that there will be snares and distractions along the way. These distractions tend to play on your emotions and vulnerabilities. The crowd or group of people that you associate with may also not be in support of your transition to “knowledge of self”. I am reminded of the picture of His Majesty wrapped in his cloak praying, the photographer invades his space but still His Majesty finds space to enter into his secret place and commune with the Most High.

HIM praying

To me, this is a sign of HIM exercising his freedom, independent of counsel from man and dependent on the inner wisdom of HIM.
I chose this picture above, because it shows the spiritual and earthly meaning of what it takes to be free. Here in the picture His Majesty is walking around with a rifle over his shoulder. History tells that Ethiopia was under attack and the enemy was trying to commit genocide against the Ethiopian people. The League of Nations refused to play a role in aiding Ethiopia and prevented them from attaining arms to help his nation fight off an invader, Italy who went against the treaty of peace with the members within the League of Nations. Some people tend to have a problem with those exercising their freedoms and independence. Envious people are cancers to any society, so for one to maintain their independence requires a strong defense.

In the spiritual sense of freedom, His Majesty’s rifle can also be symbolic of his weapon, Jah word. For his word is like a sword slicing and slaying any form of spiritual wickedness that come against the nature of positivity. Many know that Haile Selassie was a very devout follower of the Most High through the medium of Christianity and the ability to maintain this freedom comes with the need to protect it.

Picture screen shotted from Uprising Roots Band

His Majesty wrote that the ancestors who fought against spiritual domination will be revered whenever Afrikans meet. The need for protecting your culture and spirituality is very important and for those who seek to return to their roots must maintain the freedom through security.

Peace and love family, the Power is within you to be great, collectively we can be greater. Link my following pages for more Roots and Culture.

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Rastafari Unites the Races: I dare you to read this

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Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie the First, It brings me great joy to serve HIM in all Spirit and Truth. I rather die for righteousness and truth than murder my brother. Hell fire to all phony and thieving people worldwide, that continue to steal the mediations without applying the proper credit to its creator. Same way we hail Jah for giving us the power and strength to be great, we bun out the one that think that it is them that make these things possible, or take credit for themself FYAH.

With all humility, give each man their due credit. Now back to the topic. Rastafari unites the races and the proof is in the face. As a Rastaman growing up in the words of HIM. I have observed and learned that there is still racism or its cousin bigotry lingering in the movement, despite what the Almighty has said there are matters that need to be addressed. In particular, the acceptance of the white man in Rastafari and I will be honest with you, being a black man, growing up in black dominated societies and listening to black infused music and messages, I myself look at the white Rastaman as an odd picture. Very similar to the Asian viewing the blackman in their society. Alarms flare up, caution, observation takes place. For the sake that what we have is like a diamond, and any threat from outside the village must be watched carefully. But as time moves on, and you assess the heart of the individual, and you see that this individual is a kinsmen.

Shem Ham Japheth

Now, I want to alert you, probably the most popular Rastaman in the movement was Bob Marley, some may say Peter Tosh or any other great musical priest but it is Bob that sold the most records, and received probably the most spins. I mean who doesn’t know the lyrics to his songs, almost everyone whether they are a Ras or not.. But have you actually seen him. Bob Marley is mixed, his father is a white man, and his mother a black woman. The acceptance of him and his message carries the weight of both races. His white DNA, enables all white people to relate to him and his cause, which is Haile Selassie’s cause. Just like the blackman, the true white man see the injustice and folly in society and will burn it down as well.


I remember watching Sa Neter on his topic, White Rasta Imposter and he was asking the White Bobo Priest questions that was geared to make the Priest look foolish, but the Priest stayed true. Wasn’t phased and answered his questions in humility, stating what we all know that the black is the origination of mankind. In my opinion Sa Neter’s mission was a bust and Haile Selassie the First Conquered once again. Remember HE is the conquering Lion, the “ing” means it never stop doing it but is continually doing.

Another example, is the Almighty himself, Haile Selassie the First, his skin complexion looks as if HE is also mixed with white DNA, or is Arab. HE doesn’t look full Bantu or Oromo. His hair isn’t kinky like mines, HE has loosescurls like a child of a mixed heritage but yet we ignore what we see. The evidence is in his face, look at HIM, the blood of all races are in HIM!!!!

Haile Selassie Profile

Then read his words, that Until the color of mans skin is no more significance than the color of his eyes, there will always be war. And it is true, we are at war now, a serious race war. A vain war, where the wicked man stay in high places, the heavens, running the world. These idiots should have no control nor say over InI, but because we war with each other the real battle is ignored.

I also like to address the white man, that white privilege is real. You must use your privilege to fight for people like myself, held back and oppressed because of the color of skin. This is your mission, this is how you can serve Jah as well, you will not succeed in telling the black man how to live and how to be black, history done messed up that possibility for you. I mean some people may receive you but not as much if you serve our people by speaking against racial injustice. You have the stage to be like a Moses, speak to the Pharaohs and set the people free, from the Prison Pipeline, Man made diseases and its testing on poor income areas where a lot of black and white people live, I mean the injustice goes on and on everywhere. Fight for the victims of the Flint Water Crisis or local crisis. If you have His Majesty’s light then shine like HIM. Put procrastination down and serve. I’m quite sure that your works will be much appreciated by the Blackman who has trouble taking you serious. I’m sorry but you are in a position that you must prove yourself and earn your keep to truly be accepted. White supremacy is a monster and anything that has a form of it, will be criticized. And with that being said respect to Tim Wise, he goes around the world speaking on this injustice before an audience of his peers.

“Death to all white and black oppressors, Life to all white and black freedom fighters”

You know as a Blackman, our heroes in the movement is ones like Marcus Garvey, who said look to the Black king. He was such a high advocate for the black man, though he has received help from whites as he reports in his speech, the Negros greatest enemy. And it is also reported that it was his own people that stabbed him in the back, so why blackman are we fighting so hard for the black people when history has already shown that there are snakes among us? I rather have a loyal white man with me than room full of black haters and gossips. We can’t blame slavery for the poor character that plagues some of our people. Black on Black crime remains an issue no matter how much the pigs shoot us down. Before Chemtrails was sprayed above, the uncle toms turned us in. Garvey has also shared that he doesn’t plan on taking all black people back to Africa because of the poor character that he has seen in some of them.

Haile Selassie the First has shared that there was Ethiopians that molested other Ethiopians during the national crisis, the invasion. In fact, it was other Ethiopians that turned their back on HIM, without the influence of the Italians. We can’t defend all black people, in my opinion some of these traitors should be burned at the stake. We need to identify the spirit and heart of each man and build with him, that is progress and a great way to hail the invisible Jah in his children. Peace and love, we can do this. I learned this past month, that a close person of mine decided to stay with the Black Rastaman, even though her father was a Klan member, they been together for 20 plus years. I was in awe when I heard this, you got to respect these things, and acknowledge that people like this exists. Jah children is all over.

Things you should know and raspect in Rastafari

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Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Qedemawi Haile Selassie and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen in and through Yah mighty arm Yeshua HaMoshiyah. I write to you today to give one and ones a heads up in regards to what Rastafari is birthed from. Everything has a beginning and though people can express Rasta qualities without knowing it, there is a Genesis of this movement and iritical trod and fyah that is only given from the King of Kings Qedemawi Haile Selassie. Rastafari is about the Christ in his Kingly Character, for this profound and truthful claim that Rastafari roars without apology and were persecuted for, so called Chrisitians who operated as Bastardians (have no father to follow) came for the head of Rastafari in various ways. Look up Corral Gardens incident Bad Friday which happened on Good Friday 1963 in Jamaica, spiritually Christ is once more publically humiliated and crucified by babylon soldiers. The order came from the Prime Minister Bustamante (Bust a man) with the order “bring in all Rastas Dead or Alive”. Read up on Leonard P. Howell, InI Patriarch, First Rasta and his tribulation. Babylon ran sack his village Pinnacle and the habitants and locked him up, also put him into a psych ward for his proclamation on the Negus Negas ze Ethiopia Moa Anbessa Ze Imnegede Yehuda.

Garnett Silk a soldier that did his work by chanting this song for all to hear is very much in line with what Rastafari is about

For in the Promise Key, the First Rastafari scroll written by Leonard P. Howell, who at one time his followers were called Howellites will blott this prayer before there meetings started.

“Our Alpha”

Deliver Me O King Alpha I Beseech thee, From all evil power, present and to come
Whether of body or of soul Grant us peace and health in thy goodness.
In Thy favor give unto me Thy Scriptures By the intercession of the Blessed Mother,
And of Thy Apostles, Peter, Paul and Andrew and of all The Saints, give peace unto me
and Help me all my life. So thou Strengthen me by The name sake of Thy mercies.
I’ll never be a slave to sin, Nor go in fear, of any trouble, through the same King Alpha,
Our Savior, who being through The Lord liveth and reigneth in The Unity of The Holy Spirit, Forever and ever.
May The Peace of Emperor Haile Selassie Be always be with me. May the peace O King Alpha, Which Thou did give to Thy Disciples, abide ever with power in Our heart, Standing always between me and my enemy, Both visible and invisible.
May The Peace of The King of Kings, His countenance, His Body, His Blood Consist, console and protect me, Thy Scriptures in my soul and my body. O Lamb of God By Whom all the Faithful are saved, Give unto me Thy Peace to remain with Thee Forever more. (Maragh, XII)

You can find this prayer in this book here

Take note on how InI Patriarch will site Christ, his mother and soldiers, O Lamb of God By Whom all the Faithful are saved and In Thy favor give unto me Thy Scriptures By the intercession of the Blessed Mother,
And of Thy Apostles, Peter, Paul and Andrew and of all The Saints, give peace unto me
and Help me all my life.

For one and ones to site Rastafari, you must realize that Christ Yeshua, Jes’us, is the door, standing at the gate welcome him in. Rev 3:20-21 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

Father is King Alpha, Yahweh Haile Selassie I…lets look at his name for example. The name is Qedemawi- The First, Haile- Power, Selassie- Trinity…put it together we have The First Power of the Trinity. Who are the powers of the trinity in order? Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The First Power is Father, it is HE who sits on the Throne, and it also HE who has spoken His WORD, which is his Son, Yeshua, the saving power and it is HE, the Holy Spirit that gives InI soul life and guidance to follow his instruction, his WORD, his SON which is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that we can follow. It is also his WORD who has come back to HIM, Nov 2, 1930, Rev 5, baring the scars of being slain as the Lamb but now with the promotion of Lion who over comes death, who now has the keys to open the 7 seals which laid in the hand of the Father and because of this mighty victory, the WORD tells his listeners and willing followers that HE has now been granted ALL POWER in HEAVEN and EARTH in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Yeshua is now Haile Selassie, The Power of the Trinity. Matthew 28:18-19.

If yoy notice I keep saying he with all caps, this is also a revelation….Isaiah 48:12 writes Hearken unto me, O Jacob and Israel, my called; I am he; I am the first, I also am the last.
Lets look at the name again, written differently First Letter –>Haile selassiE <–Last letter = HE and he also says in Isaiah 44:6 Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.
the symbol of HE encapsulates the fullness of the Almighty Haile Selassie through the first and last letter, so what has HE done thus far? well a lot of course, but let I redirect you to Isaiah 42:4 He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.…look at the word Isles short for Islands, On April 21, 1966 HE came to Jamaica for All those, those being Rastafari who have waitied for his law. This day is known as Groundation a High, Holy day in Rastafari


And the Jamaican govt was expecting Selassie to shut down the Rastafari movment by denouncing his God Head, instead Haile Selassie gave selected Rastafari bredren Gold Medallions and said to the Govt who am I to disturb their belief.


Before InI move on, there is some vital piece of information that must be shared in regards to what InI Rastafari are and why this picture above is so important. If ones read about Kemet and their wonderful history as the first civilization in the world and the first civilization to have a religion in the world. You will run across something that will add to you confidence in your calling. Lower Egypt, North Africa was under water at one time and was molded by the mud slides stemming for Ethiopia which is about 15,000 ft above sea level via Nile. Kemit was a colony of Ethiopia. In the 1st century BC, Greek Historian Diodorus Siculus writes Egypt is a colony of Ethiopia, The mud deports that travelled down the Nile from Ethiopia helped form the land. The customs that they hold are Ethiopian, still perserving their ancient matters, like looking at their Kings as Gods. It is also written Asar was sent from Ethiopia to run Egypt, Kemit. This picture you see of HIM my brother and sister is an ancient tradition. Rastafari has been given the spirit of knowledge and understanding in regards to who they are and have always been. You are looking at the manifestation of the Ancient of Days, blessing his people with wealth and prosperity, not in materialist money or mammon but wealth in spirituality of knowing who they are. This is very important because people are looking to find themself and dwelving in a whole heap of things just to find who they are, knowledge of self is wealth. It is the third stage of religion, the reward. Dr. Muata Ashby in the new translation Of The Book of Coming Forth by Day, writes that religion has 3 stages, the 1st stage is myth, includes traditions, stories and everything related to it. The 2cd stage is the ritualization of the myth, the practice. The 3rd stage is the metaphysical philosophy behind the teachings given in the myth, with the reward of Self-Knowledge.

Ethiopia is ancient my brother and sister, it has been the only independent nation in the continent of Africa. It is the Horn of Africa, the Mighty Trumpet, the plot of land that the Almighty Creator has placed a shield over from any colonial blood thirsty Hyena and Vampire to take. InI Yahweh Haile Selassie I testifys that it has one of the oldest bibles, ever, its church tradition testifys that Matthew the Apostle preached the Gospel to the Ethiopians and Saint John Chrysostom witnessed that among those who were present at Pentecost (the birth of the universal church) were Ethiopians. This shouldn’t be a surpise if you think about it, If mankind started in Ethiopia then that will be the place that will also have the spiritual teachings of who the creator is with authenticity, the original word.

You can find this story and traditon in this book

For all my Rastafari brothers and sisters who like to bun Jesus Christ and the bible, it is a must that you overstand the depth of the fire you spew out. If we say Haile Selassie I is the Almighty then you agree with Tafari Makonnens’ Chrisitian Baptism and his Christian name, for the Christian but original God. Its insane to bun the name and hand that has given you your enlightment, if its authentic. Nyabinghi chants of the fyah that Haile Selassie I gives, if you havent been given this fyah then pray and follow HIM and only HIM, show your loyalty. If not you begin to partake in the blasphemy that ended Kemet. The latter Pharaohs who were no longer pure African but mix race of African and European began to view themself as the Creator, leaving the principle that they are the manifestation of the Great I AM. They bit the hand that fed them and robbed Yah from his glory. Even if you call on the name Jah Rastafari, calling on the name acknowledges your agreement on the Hebraic abbreviated name of Jehovah. Rastafari as well, Ras is a Ethiopian traditional title for a noble, Head, Prince or Duke, but its tradition comes from a Christian, Hebraic nation. Tafari is also a Christian name for it is the name that Haile Selassies’ Christian father, Makonnen Wolde Mikael has given his precious son. You burn yourself in this trod by doing such things, but grace is given because Yah wants you to know the truth in full.


Garvey words must be heeded for we have a lot that pulls triggers but never askes questions, for asking questions is a form of humility. Yah has spoken, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Matt 7:7 You must be humble and get some true substance in you

The roots are not European it is African, Ethiopian….you bunning Christ is exactly what they, the downpressors want you to do. They bow to truth in Europe. They bow to Black Madonna, Mary and her Black son Yeshua who originated in the colony of Ethiopia, Kemit.


Here is another WORD SOUND and POWER pic

Daniel 7:9

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.


This pic depicts HIM with the white robe he wore during the coranation before he put on the robe dipped in blood Rev 19:13, which signfies the blood of Yeshua, which is powerful and cleansing

If you are looking for truth and have a sincere calling in Rastafari, then the first step is to accept Yeshua HaMoshiyah, accept HIM in your heart, forget who is around you and what people might think, this is an individual call. Yeshuas’ teachings come from the Fathers mouth and it brings everlasting life, good thoughts and practice and while being rooted in the WORD the King of Glory will be revealed, pray for it and seek his face.

In I journey I came across a Rastafari church that has helped I and was able to reason with over the course of time. In the beginning the information they gave was too much to accept because mentally I was fighting the chains of the downpressors that has been embedded in I, but Selassie I sought I through because it was HIM that anointed I with Holy Spirit in my vision, so i fought and when the battle was over, I was able to eat this house’s food. Which is understandable and normal in regards to fight the yoke of lies on you because it is written in Jeremiah 30:8-9
8 For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will break his yoke from off thy neck, and will burst thy bonds, and strangers shall no more serve themselves of him:
9 But they shall serve the Lord their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up unto them.

Selassie broke the yoke form off I neck, for in I vision that is where he placed his hands with a simple touch and with ease I was set free

During this trod, I also humbled I self to read what others who have came before me has written in regards to this matter.

Here is the WORD SOUND and POWER Tabot shared with I about 3 yrs ago




There is so much that needs to be learned and so much information to share but Rastafari knowledge is not a binge but a slow chew in humility, slow chew keeps you from biting your tounge. So I will share a few things that helped I along the way.

Here is one of the first books I have recieved, this book is very mystical, for I bought it online and read it with joy but I was still fighting mentally so I put it away……only to meet the author in DC, Bro. Karl Naphtali Philpotts for the premier of Rasta a Souls Journey, my cousin was the co-director of Donisha Pendergrast vidumentary and she gave me her copy to get it signed by Bro. Philpotts.

This book is also a great read, from Brother Alfredo Johnson, who is a decoder

he also has video teachings as well

from Ras Iadonis of the Rastafari Groundation and Lion of Judah society

Here is the list of books he also has video teachings on the way

Here is also a good brother of I, that keeps the fyah burning in Spirit and in Truth

Ras Mikael Raah

Here is also I channel, you can link I playlist to see what I have come across to help get to where I am now.

This group are also bible scholars, placing their iditaitons in the music..Midnite

Come be apart of Rastafari Groundation @

And come join TABOT and hear their audio sermons on Tunein Radio on sundays, they also have a bank of audio teachings for you to listen to as well @

And Most Important read Haile Selassie autobiographies know who he is and read his speeches.!rastafari/c6k2

Large raspect and blessed love to the I, in the name of Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen in and through Yeshua Ha Moshiyah.

Why do I site Empress Menen? God is not only in man but also in mans wife, she is the balance in his divinity, also In Kemet and Christianity, The Mother of Yah, Aset and Mary are recognized for bearing the Godchild, just like the earth bears our food. Why not site up the Wife of Jah as well, HE only married one and loved her deeply and broke tradition to have his Empress, his other half crowned with HIM, is not the earth one with the creator as well, the nurturer of life, the Holy Spirit carries feminine principles, its obeys the Father and speaks of her Son, The Holy Spirit is called Comforter (John 14:16), a mother love is comforting for many children will run to their mom for comfort before they go to their father. Man and Woman and rule co-equally in this polar, in a contrasting balance. Selassie I blessings, Christ guidance and blessed Passover as well as Groundation.