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The Calling and the Evidence – Phallu Ras Sound

The Calling and the Evidence

Mar 28, 2014 by Shamou - 0 Comments

Greetings in the name of The Most High of whom I know now as Yah Rastafari Haile Selassie I, who through a sincere contrite heart (Psalm 51:17) has shown me, the soul his son Yeshua HaMoshiyah. I remember the day when I decided to stop running from God and with a purpose, I walked to the altar to give my life to Yeshua. Yeah I started at a church but so what…I had to start some where. As I uttered the words that I am a sinner and that I am sorry, involuntary tears ran down my face, uncontrollably because I knew I was wrong, for spiritually I knew better, he has shown me his glory before so desperately I wanted to get my life right with God before my time was up. So Iman give a mighty Hallelujah to the Christ, for without HIM I will be a broken ship, a ship without a rudder, a ship with no direction at the mercy of the winds and waves(1).

I honestly can say that without Christ, I would have been an unfilled vessel seeking to be filled. If anyone has ever had that feeling, of being hungry, but no matter what they ate, it never satisfy that need, and was left with the sickness, that was caused by all the junk that was put in the body, yeah that emptiness was very similar to my need to have Christ, my fill. So I give a mighty roar, a mighty thanks to the Father, Abba for the chance to utter his sons name, salvation again.


Which seems like a long journey, hasn’t been long at all, Yahweh EloHIM has walked me through the fire to leave unscathed, to go through a storm to be given peace and understanding (Isaiah 41:1-3). I would be a fool to say that JAH isn’t real (Psalms 14:1 and 53:1), even InI soul and spirit laughs at that thought (Psalms 2:4), Iman is blessed and has everything that I need. So to give back the best way I can is to listen to HIM. I have named myself Ras Säma Selassie as a reminder of this inner ear that I have for HIM, while I am given this mercy and grace (Proverbs 22:1). The name means the Head HEARs the Trinity, an action verb like the one given to Yeshua HaMoshiYah in the person of Haile Selassie I, The Conquering Lion has Prevailed.

Many will disagree and voice their opinions on this trod but its not for them to decide, like the Most High, I must not be a respecter of persons as well (Rom 2:11). Meaning that, because we are cool doesn’t mean that, you can sway me or have some control over me (Matt 10:36-38 & Luke 14:26-27). InI livication is unto Adonai, who InI reverently iditate on frequently (Heb 12:2 & Matt 6:20-21). In fact, its too much of a burden to worry about what the next man think about me when it is hard enough to consistently follow the will of the Most High (Acts 2:40). With this overstanding, InI know that, in this trod InI cannot forsake the assembling of the saints (Heb 10:25) , it is through fellowship with brethren and sistrin, family can link and support each other in these last days to complete the Most High will (Matt 12:50). With a mighty HalleluJAH, I give thanks to all those who inspire I on a daily basis, who feed I Christ through their reasonings, works, iditations, giving, smile, love and joy. The beautiful thing about it is that, I am not giving homage just to Rastafari but to my fellow Chrsitians, Hebrews, and Muslims who display this fruit of the Lord (Gal 5:22-23) the universal spirit.

You see one thing I learned while I was in the church, the black church and I don’t mean all but this one, is that I learned how to become a religion racist. Meaning, I learned that if you weren’t following Christ or going to my church then you weren’t following God the right way ( 1 John 4:1 & 1 Tim 4:1). This teaching that I consumed in my state of vulnerability and blindness was foolish, I refuse to talk to my co-workers, I isolated myself from family and friends, if I tried to evangelize to them and they didn’t receive, then I gave the notion that your beneath me, for I operated as a Pharisee (Matt 5:20). This scared away potential ones that need Christ. Friends that I did have, viewed me as the religious guy who is in this cult and they were right. I did not portray the light of Christ and it was revealed as a cult, in fact, I’m pretty sure that through my behavior I probably turned some off from Christ, so with a sincere apology I hope that the effects or affects of my ignorance can be surpassed.

I give thanks because through it all, my ears has heard what the spirit has said, and I followed and my reward was that, now my eyes has seen the King of Glory, Haile Selassie I (Psalms 24:8). In regards to my ears, the Most High Yahweh EloHIM was not pleased with this new wine in old wine skin, I had to go through a spiritual metamorphosis (Mark 2:22). Numbers 6 began ringing in my ears, and I read it over and over, worrying about, if someone dies in my family then I can’t go to the funeral…seriously lol….but I followed and took it on. I began to change my diet, as a former barber, I hung up the clippers and while being self-conscious of what other think , I began to walk with pride with InI hair natty. Its funny because your always told that no job with hire you or accept you with your hair a mess, but my co-workers and boss enjoyed this new me but my church at the time gave me dirty looks. I am also a guitarist, so during service when I was giving praises, my spirit also began to become one with the instrument, my hands became light and were just flowing on the fret board and strings, yeah the glory days (Psalms 33:2). Not to say that being a Nazarite made me play better but because I became an individual, in this process, I was able to leave the room and play for The Almighty freely.

Any way after several months of having a free form afro, the pastor began to become threatened and ask me to cut it. I will tell him though I am Christian, I don’t feel like one, I actually feel phony….”yeah I have on a suit and tie, nice haircut, nice shoes, talk the Christian talk but I feel like a wolf.” He said he understood, only to ask me to cut it again a month or 2 later. Though your feelings can lie to you, there is some truthful ones that give you an unction (1 John 2:20), for deep down inside I didn’t feel like a Christian, I didn’t speak in tongues and I had trouble praying for long periods of time, in fact I became tired of coming to church 3 maybe 5 days a this Nazarite vow did something remarkable, the purpose of it was exactly what I needed. Moses gave a message to the Israelites that whoever wants to separate from this world and make a vow unto Yahweh should let their locks grow, with a few conditions (read Numbers 6 for it in full). So that’s what I did, I became an individual, no longer a yes boy to worldly things but a servant of the Most High before I knew who the Most High was. I began buying books in regards to Rastafari because as a son of a Rastafari father, I knew that locks was not something to play it. In fact I remember, riding in the car with my father on White Plains rd in the Bronx as a teenager, and he asked me, “I thought you will grow your locks by now?” and my response was, “because of you Pop, I don’t want to disrespect you and wear them without adhering to the principles, I’m not ready for it.” Not knowing what the principles were persay, I did know that locks is not a fashion thing but a holy thing….fast forward…I spoke earlier that InI ears was hearing Numbers 6 and that a reward was coming.


After a few months of diligence of removing the toxic thoughts and behaviors from my mind, fasting from beef and pork and other things, like low self-esteem. I was given eyes (Matt 8:22-25, Acts 9:18) and on 3/22/11 I was given a vision (Acts 2:17) and in the vision I saw Haile Selassie I, in full form, military suit, correct height and all. With joy I smiled his named, and we interacted and he awoke the Tafari, the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:29), the Menfes Qiddus in me. It was such a radiant energy that my body was being lifted off the ground, a resurrection as the Tafari flowed from head to toe in my body (Rom 8:11). JAAAAAHHHHHHH RAAAAAASTAFARIIIII HAAAAIIILLLEEE SELLLAAAAASSSSSIIIEEE. I began speaking a pure language (Zep 3:9), fluently, involuntarily, uncontrollably, the true tongues (1 Cor 14:2), for I didn’t know what I was saying but HIM Haile Selassie I smiled at me.


Since then, I never been the same. I have sighted Jah Rastafari inna I ieart and mind and InI only say Yah Rastafari because InI know InI is an Israelite, through blood and history (Deut 28 and 32), so much homage and adoration goes to InI African Israelite ancestors that suffered the endorsement of slavery. I have been blessed with 2 blessings, Yeshua HaMoshiYAH and Qedemawi Haile Selassie and with that I take one day at a time to not rush the ministry but learn about who Qedemawi Haile Selassie is and what is this truth that so many claim they have but their fruits don’t seem to accompany it. InI can be extreme in thinking at times, thinking that because of this calling, the persecution InI will face will be like the Nazarenes in the New Testament (John 15:18)….this persecution may not be so bad but what is so, is that my choice in not preserving my life but losing my life for Haile Selassie without apology is a great honor, for I will gain life….and let me testify that Life is good (Matt 16:25).

Because of this life, I am able to embark into territory that was once dangerous for me. I mean I can read about another faith and not feel the compulsion to be swayed because InI can never deny the Power, the Haile of Selassie and that he is alive, also for his words “When Jesus Christ was born from Virgin Mary, from that time on He lived an exemplary life, a life which men everywhere must emulate.” This is always brought to my remembrance, and is comforting (John 14:26) Yes I proudly declare the teaching of Haile Selassie I, King of kings- the Glory of the Father, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah-the Glory of the Son, and the Elect of God-the Glory of the Holy Spirit. There is so much to write but I must close and share more at another time. But as a brother, this is for all who I care for whether known or unknown that is at this valley of decision of, Am I Rasta? Or Am I not Rasta? Be not afraid (Isaiah 41:9-10).

As a Christian I always used to ask myself, if these people are Christians then why don’t they acknowledge Haile Selassie I as Earth rightful ruler, for in the bible they speak highly of David and Solomon, One nicknamed as After Gods own heart (Acts 13:22 & 1 Sam 13:14) and the other as the Wisest King (1Kings 4:29-34), they quote their Psalms and Proverbs and know that seed of David shall endure forever (Psalms 89). So where is Haile Selassie respect? HE should be the encouragement and guide to these Christians, whether they see HIM as Jah or not, they should feel assure that Yeshua is real and that he is African and not this white Christ that has been given to us in the Diaspora…..shoot I’ll go even as far to say that Haile Selassie should have a book in the bible, with all his wise teachings that has humbled so many faithful Rastafarians and Non-Rastas. His life and work is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of how a man not born of a virgin birth like Yeshua, is Christ like.

But since this calling, although I went to a church, I learned love from Rastafari….Short story…my father is a talented musician, named Tarriii (check him out on itunes and spotify). He decided to go on tour Summer 09′ a month before my 1st child was born, he left New York and came to Baltimore to get me, I was his Selector. We set out for Colorado, big reggae scene there. Only thing is, he has a band but none of his band mates could make it. So he declared son, the Father is with me. Long story short, we performed in Denver, Boulder, Laramie WY, and Chicago linking with other musicians to play his music, and they played well, mad with little rehearsal. He said it simple, “do good and good will follow you.” He loved people, strangers and they showed love back. He taught me, in fact Rastafari taught me what love is on such a greater scale than what I learned in the church. Haile I


And as I testify of his eternal rule, it must also be noted that these words were prayed for and answered as he inherited the throne in the ancient Christian nation of Ethiopia.
“Anointing His head with oil, the Abuna places upon H.I.M. the triple crown. The Archbishop concludes the regal anointing with the words: “That God may make this crown a crown of sanctity and glory. That, by the grace and the blessings which we have given, you may have an unshaken faith and a pure heart, in order that you may inherit the crown eternal. So be it.”

A heart of love Yah Rastafari blessings to one and all



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